Is a Change in Estrogen Responsible for Post-Menopausal Belly Fat?

Menopause brings about many changes – loss of menstruation, hot flashes, irritability, depression and even belly fat. You can’t control all the symptoms of menopause, but is it possible to avoid gaining belly fat after menopause hits?

What Causes Belly Fat After Menopause?warren ohio obgyn belly fat menopause

Estrogen plays a vital role in the distribution of women’s fat as she matures. As estrogen levels drop, body fat is redistributed from the hips and thighs to the abdomen. Need more proof? A recent study that followed newly menopausal healthy women for four years showed a direct link between a decrease in estrogen levels and an increase in weight and body fat. This proves that estrogen is a crucial element in weight and fat maintenance.

Controlling Weight Gain and Belly Fat After Menopause

1. Focus on a healthy diet.

Diet plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle. Choose whole foods, high-quality fats, whole grains and protein. Visit your local Save-A-Lot or Sparkle Foods and pick up some quality food. While the occasional splurge is always fine, it’s important to avoid consuming too much sugar if you’re concerned about belly fat because sugar gets stored as fat when consumed excessively.

2. Work out your whole body.

For the best results, you need a combination of cardio, strength training and core workouts. Interval training, which consists of alternating high-intensity and low-intensity within one workout, four to five times a week helps burn more fat.

3. Hormone replacement therapy.

If your belly fat is becoming a health risk and diet and exercise aren’t working, you might want to talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy. Some researchers believe that estrogen supplements can prevent the build-up of belly fat.

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